NOTE This table top game is in active development.

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Buy low and sell high in this board game about Insider Fruit Trading. Fruit prices are set by supply and demand. Strategically spread rumors from your hand of cards to influence the price of fruit. Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins.

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This work was made possible in part by:

  • Norah
  • A ‘n E

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  • Jacob Stone!


Thanks to all the playtesters that helped me improve the game.

  • Hana Sun
  • Jonathan Cosme
  • Edgar Valdez
  • Peter Y
  • Joshua Hyman
  • Ted Zech
  • Jon Perry
  • Nicole Amato
  • Dan Caprera
  • Giovannie Silva
  • Sarah Madoff
  • Michelle Jordan
  • Anderson Addo
  • Tim G.
  • Wilson Young
  • Vivian
  • Gavin Rook
  • Chris Colasurdo
  • Greenjack
  • John Carimando
  • Brian Quiñones
  • Jennifer Criollo-Garcia
  • Polarbearlopez
  • Anthony L. Lowe

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