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10 December, 2013

iOS iPad
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Sirtet is a puzzle game that deconstructs Tetris by recycling rows of blocks back into the tetrominos needed for the classic falling block game. In Tetris you place falling tetrominos into rows. In Sirtet you insert those rows back into the board to recreate the tetrominos


While working at Apporchard, an iOS development shop, Randall still found time on nights and weekends to create Sirtet: a secretly social game. A year in the making, Randall created all the art and design as a one man army. Recently he incorporated a procedural audio experience that pitch adjusts sound samples into different notes. Still working on the game, Randall plans on bringing the game to iPhone in January of 2014. Further down the roadmap, the "secretly social" tag line will come into focus with an asymmetric multiplayer mode. One player will be playing Sirtet and the other will play Tetris. The tetrominos and rows of blocks passed between the two players will be in a closed "recycled" loop. That single player game you love so much might not be so single.


  • Play Tetris in reverse.
  • Balance when to add more blocks and when to collect tetrominos at a completely player driven pace.
  • # Colors = Difficulty
  • Audio in Sirtet is entirely user driven giving a completely unique procecdural experience for each play session.
  • Don't let the match 4 fool you, this game is highly cereberal.


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Selected Articles

  • "more than [just] 'Tetris' spelled backwards"
    - John Polson, indiegames.com
  • "it turned out to be quite fun. Some might argue that the lack of a forced pace is cause for diluted replay, but I would disagree in this specific case. "
    - Arron Hirst, 148apps.com
  • "This Tetris-style tile matching puzzler provides an entertaining brain workout for people of nearly any age"
    - Casey Tschida, appadvice.com
  • "the idea of reforming blocks of colour to create tetrominoes is enticing. The ability to place new lines anywhere you wish is interesting, and the ability to add more colours to complicate matters just seals the deal. "
    - Dave Flodine, appspy.com

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