bitbucket: git hosting

I realized that I should keep a running list of apps and sites that I tend to use. I thought to myself “Why not share them with others as well?”

With that lets start with Bitbucket: (free, private git hosting)

I am currently using both github (handle: randallli) and bitbucket. However for private repos github charges you. Right now im doing the cheapest account. This “micro” account gives me 5 private repositories for $7 a month. Not bad but versus bitbucket which gives me unlimited repositories for free it looses. Bit buckets main limitation on the free account is that you cannot have more than 5 team members on a project. Seeing as I am a single person working on my side projects this is perfect for me. Even if I add another programmer, artist and/or musician to the project I am still covered. Regardless git lets you choose push to remote branches on different servers extremely easily. This makes switching a repo from one server to another super simple. All you do is add a remote branch and push to it and your are all set. All of the versioning information will get transmitted to the new server.

For the day job at AppOrchard I use github and it appears to have many more nifty features and a larger community of developers.  Github also has a nice pull request feature that lets you accept other peoples work into your branch.  Github makes sense when truly collaborating with people. Seeing as I am solo I dont really need those bells and whistles.  Therefore if I made a project open source I would probably do it on Github. So for now I am keeping my micro github account, just in case, but keeping most of my personal work backed up on bitbucket.

git usefull links for ignoring files

A global .gitignore file can also be used by adding one to your global git config. For example, you might create the file
and add some rules to it. To add this to your config, run
git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore_global

grab the Objective-C.gitignore

from this git repository