Hexagonal Rochambeau Launch on Saturday 2.11.12

update: app is now available for download in the app store.
iTunes link

here is a link to the promo on Vimeo

Hexagonal Rochambeau Promo Video

I also finished a press release blob

From one of the minds that brought you Async Corp. and Glow Artisan, I give you Hexagonal Rochambeau, a local multiplayer iPad game.


Hexagonal Rochambeau is a real-time “area control” strategy game. It takes place on a hexagonal board with rock, paper, and scissor units.

Multi-touch devices are screaming for a real-time strategy game. The iPad has lowered the price of multi-touch screens to an affordable price for consumers. This consumer revolution has given a single developer like myself the ability to explore ideas like Rochambeau. Through my experiments, I have deconstructed, as a chef would in the culinary arts, the heart of gameplay.

In Rochambeau boils down the units to their skeletal parts, the rock, paper, and scissor. The hexagonal board keeps the play area simple and easy to understand. By dragging a unit on the screen anyone can understand how to play. Still present however, are the tactics and spirit of a true strategy game. Rochambeau illustrates the beauty of marrying the multi-touch screen to the real-time strategy genre, with a bit of distillation. The pairing of the touch interface and the real-time strategy game has the potential to create a masterpiece. Let us see if Hexagonal Rochambeau gives it justice.

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