Don Hippopotamus on the Grasshopper circular table

Grasshopper ran a game jam for its circular table. We were selected as runner up by the judges of the jam.

This is a vid of the judges playing Don Hippopotamus brought to you by team Hippocrates.

link to vimeo

Rules for Don Hippo
- everyone is given a secret mission to grab items from the field (ie red and or 2′s)
- one person is secretly assigned as the “robber” and can collect anything
- players are given a short period of time to collect as many of their mission as possible
- after collection is completed the players have to vote on who they think the robber was
- if the villagers correctly guess the robbers then they beat the robber
- if the villagers do not guess correctly scores are compared and whoever has more wins
- the three villagers total collection is compared to the robbers collection (robber gets a 2.5 multiplier).
- the villagers get a most important villager for whomever collected the most

Hippocrates team members:
Anthony Paul
Randall Li
Ricardo Delgato
Chris Motola
Morrison Chang

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