bitbucket: git hosting

I realized that I should keep a running list of apps and sites that I tend to use. I thought to myself “Why not share them with others as well?”

With that lets start with Bitbucket: (free, private git hosting)

I am currently using both github (handle: randallli) and bitbucket. However for private repos github charges you. Right now im doing the cheapest account. This “micro” account gives me 5 private repositories for $7 a month. Not bad but versus bitbucket which gives me unlimited repositories for free it looses. Bit buckets main limitation on the free account is that you cannot have more than 5 team members on a project. Seeing as I am a single person working on my side projects this is perfect for me. Even if I add another programmer, artist and/or musician to the project I am still covered. Regardless git lets you choose push to remote branches on different servers extremely easily. This makes switching a repo from one server to another super simple. All you do is add a remote branch and push to it and your are all set. All of the versioning information will get transmitted to the new server.

For the day job at AppOrchard I use github and it appears to have many more nifty features and a larger community of developers.  Github also has a nice pull request feature that lets you accept other peoples work into your branch.  Github makes sense when truly collaborating with people. Seeing as I am solo I dont really need those bells and whistles.  Therefore if I made a project open source I would probably do it on Github. So for now I am keeping my micro github account, just in case, but keeping most of my personal work backed up on bitbucket.

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