Great feedback from the presentation

Thanks for the coming to the nyc game meetup and for watching my presentation at General Assembly. I got some great energy from you all!

My favorite quote from the night:

Did you over lose in rock paper scissors and think its stupid? cus its only a matter of luck – thats what we change!

-Christoph Thor


once again if you want to help me test now sign up for testflight app and join my test team:

General Assembly Demo

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this site:

QR code for hexRo

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who am i: Randall Li

5 years @ Powerhead games:

Async Corp. [iTunes link]

Glow Artisan Best Mobile Game Design award from the Independent Games Festival. [iTunes link]

Please leave feedback from play session in comments

Hexagonal RoChamBeau at General Assembly

I will be presenting my game at general assembly on the 12th of december. The event space is charging $11.49 but there is free beer.

Hexagonal RoChamBeau
A local multiplayer game for the iPad by Randall Li
Hexagonal RoChamBeau is a real time area control strategy game. It takes place on a hexagonal board with rock paper scissor units.
If you haven’t seen it in action heres a vid: