Global game jam 2012

This year for the global game jam I teamed up with some old friends from powerhead along with some new faces. Ramiro, Matt and Niki all worked with me on glow artisan. Back in the day. Diego and Annie were new faces, well relatively new faces, that I had not worked with before. We pulled together and created a very visual experience in 48 hours.

This time we made a less gamey game called seasons:

screen shot of seasons

screen shot of seasons

Play it on Diego’s website:

or on the game jam website:

Great feedback from the presentation

Thanks for the coming to the nyc game meetup and for watching my presentation at General Assembly. I got some great energy from you all!

My favorite quote from the night:

Did you over lose in rock paper scissors and think its stupid? cus its only a matter of luck – thats what we change!

-Christoph Thor


once again if you want to help me test now sign up for testflight app and join my test team:

General Assembly Demo

How to get here:

this site:

QR code for hexRo

help me test. get a build of the game now:

this event: or

who am i: Randall Li

5 years @ Powerhead games:

Async Corp. [iTunes link]

Glow Artisan Best Mobile Game Design award from the Independent Games Festival. [iTunes link]

Please leave feedback from play session in comments

Hexagonal RoChamBeau at General Assembly

I will be presenting my game at general assembly on the 12th of december. The event space is charging $11.49 but there is free beer.

Hexagonal RoChamBeau
A local multiplayer game for the iPad by Randall Li
Hexagonal RoChamBeau is a real time area control strategy game. It takes place on a hexagonal board with rock paper scissor units.
If you haven’t seen it in action heres a vid: